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We are Your Trusted Maid Partner

Elevating Home Harmony and Personalized Care

PhinixOutsource delivers unparalleled domestic bliss with expert maid services encompassing housekeeping, residential cleaning, patient care nursing, baby care, caretaking, and culinary mastery. Elevate your living experience with our dedicated professionals, ensuring a pristine home and personalized care for your loved ones.

About Phinix Outsource (Since - 2015)

Excellence in Maid Services is Our Commitment

At PhinixOutsource, we redefine domestic excellence, offering expert maid services from housekeeping to culinary mastery. Elevate your living experience with our dedicated professionals, ensuring a pristine home and personalized care for your loved ones. Beyond the home, we extend our commitment to well-being, providing services in weight loss, weight gain, energy and stamina, sports nutrition, digestion, immunity, heart health, and child nutrition. With a holistic approach to household and health, we are your comprehensive solution for a harmonious and healthy lifestyle. Welcome to PhinixOutsource, where we turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Our Services

Phinix Maid Services

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Domestic Staff Services

Expert domestic staff services providing skilled and reliable help for a harmonious and well-managed household.

House Keeping Services

housekeeping services ensuring a pristine and organized home with meticulous attention to cleanliness and comfort.

Resident Cleaning

Efficient resident cleaning services for a spotless living space, promoting a healthy and comfortable environment

Patient Care

Compassionate patient care services, prioritizing well-being with personalized attention, ensuring comfort and support throughout

Nursing Services

Dedicated nursing services delivering expert healthcare with compassion, promoting wellness, and ensuring optimal patient comfort and recovery.

Baby Care

Tender and reliable baby care services, offering nurturing support to ensure the well-being and happiness of infants.


Dependable caretaker services, providing attentive and compassionate support for individuals, ensuring comfort, safety, and well-being.

Cook & Kitchin Helper

Skilled Cook & Kitchen Helper services, expertly preparing delicious meals and ensuring a well-organized kitchen for convenience and satisfaction

Phinix Health Services

Weight Loss

Tailored weight loss solutions for a healthier, happier you. Transformative results, sustainable lifestyle.

Weight Gain

Customized weight gain programs for a stronger, healthier body. Achieve your desired physique effectively.

Energy & Stamina

Elevate energy and stamina with science-backed solutions. Unleash peak performance for a vibrant lifestyle.

Sports Nutrition

Optimize sports performance with specialized nutrition. Fuel your body for success, endurance, and recovery.


Promote digestive health with targeted solutions. Enhance comfort and well-being for optimal daily functioning.


Boost immunity naturally with tailored solutions. Strengthen your body's defenses for overall health and vitality.

Child Nutrition

Support your child's growth and development with balanced and nourishing nutrition for a thriving future.

Hearth Health

Prioritize heart health with tailored solutions. Nurture cardiovascular well-being for a vibrant and active lifestyle.

Revitalize Your Space: Our Maids, Your Bliss

The Best Possible Services

We are Elevate your living experience with our dedicated professionals, 
ensuring a pristine home and personalized care for your loved Ones.

Phinix Outsource Main Features

Serving Familes with Dedication with Our Best Features

  • Comprehensive Maid Services

    Expert housekeeping. Residential cleaning with attention to detail. Professional patient care, nursing Specialized, baby care and nurturing Attentive caretaking services.

  • Best Wellness Services

    Tailored weight loss and weight gain programs. Energy and stamina enhancement services. Sports nutrition guidance for active lifestyles. Digestive health consultations.

  • Holistic Health Support & Personalized Care

    Immunity-boosting programs. Heart health consultation and guidance Specialized child nutrition services.

  • Online Booking and Support

    Convenient online booking for services. Responsive customer support for queries and Efficient communication for a seamless experience

  • Client Testimonials and Feedbacks

    Showcase positive experiences of satisfied clients. Real stories and feedback for authenticity Building trust through the success stories of others.


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